Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Joy in the Journey

For the last several days I have had a song called "Joy in the Journey" stuck in my head. Sadly very few people that I know will have ever heard this song. It was written, performed, and recorded by an acapella group at Trinity Western called Soul Devotion.

I've been dealing with some stressful things in my life lately and as hard as it has been, I take such comfort in knowing that I am not dealing with it alone. As I go along through my day, this song is playing on repeat in my head, and unlike most times when a song gets stuck in your head and you go insane trying to get it out of your head, I have welcomed this song being in my head.

The words of this song seem to have been written precisely for me and how I feel right now. And even as I type that I think of how selfish that must seem because there are so many people who are dealing with far worse things than me. I think that sometimes I get so wrapped up in my own life and I think that what is happening to me is the worst thing ever, and then I get a reminder that so many people are struggling, so many are hurting, and so many are dealing with loss and hardship. And then I stop and think about what others are going through and I feel so much pain for them, and my brain starts to overload.

So anyway, the other day I was getting a little overwhelmed with all these thoughts, and then this song, that I haven't heard in years, came into my head, and there it has stayed.

I thought I would share this song with you, (any of you who read this, that is.)

Joy in the Journey (Words and Music by Ché Cowan and Tim McCarthy)

Show me the joy in the journey
'Cause I need strength to carry on
Sometimes the load seems so much more than I can bear
Show me the joy in the journey, show me the joy

Show me the vision in the voyage
Because these waves have battered for so long
Sometimes my bearings seem to get lost in the storm
Show me the vision in the voyage, show me the joy

Show me the joy in the journey
'Cause I want to carry on
Help me forget all the things I've left behind
I want to press towards the mark
Of the calling set before us
Show me the joy in the journey, show me the joy

Show me the purpose in the process
Because I can't see where you're taking me
And yet You've promised it will all be for my good
Show me the purpose in the process, show me the joy

You walked this earth in shoes like mine
You feel the pain that I now feel
It is finished, yes the work's already done
Why should I carry what You've lifted off of me?

I've found the joy in the journey
I've received strength to carry on
I've learned that casting all my burdens at the cross
Gives me joy in the journey, I've found joy
I've found joy in the journey, I've found joy.

I don't claim that every single day I find the joy in the journey, because there are lots of days that I struggle, but the reminder that He feels the pain that I feel, that He's walked in my shoes, and that I don't have to carry my burdens alone really helps on the days when the joy isn't overly apparent.


  1. What a blast from the past. I briefly met Tim a few years before he went out to TWU and had a copy of the tape that Soul Devotion put together. Would that I could find it now. Joy in the Journey was one of my favourite songs from that tape. Thanks for sharing this!

    May the Lord continue to bring you His joy in His Journey.

  2. I just stumbled across this blog. Glad we could encourage you in this way back then with a great song by Tim and Che. :)

    Here you go, Carly -- hopefully the link works (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw3k7I-druy8MkRNYXg0LUpSWXM/view?usp=sharing)

    1. Thanks so much, Steve! I heard this song once in Junior high at a school concert in Madrid, Spain, and have searched for it multiple times since. Such a beautiful expression of the Christian walk. This is the first time I've been able to hear the song since 2001!