Monday, March 28, 2011

When I Find Not Me, I'm Gonna Kick His Butt!!

I grew up hearing that very phrase, "When I find 'Not Me' I'm gonna kick his butt!" It was always in response to my father asking my sister and I who had done something, i.e. leave his tools out in the rain, or something along those lines.

Lately I've been thinking the same thing, a lot, as I've made my way through the store trying to fix all the price stickers that were put out wrong. I know that I am incredibly OCD about some things, but this is one thing that truly drives me bonkers!! I think that it looks very nice to have one price tag in front of each product, one sticker put on straight. It also looks professional, and most of all, neat.

It does not look nice, professional, or neat to have multiple stickers piled onto a clear plastic shield; to have a number of stickers arranged haphazardly at odd angles, or to have different sized stickers stuck on top of one another.

After my mother and I re-set the plumbing aisle, it became clear to me that I needed to fix the stickers that were put up wrong. So I started out on this seemingly simple quest. I put on my little two-pocket True Value apron with a pack of new clear plastic price-tag shields, my knife, and a pen and started on my way. I have slowly and painstakingly made my way through the store, and now after a little over 2 weeks at the task I'm about halfway done. I've replaced well over a thousand tags that were put up incorrectly. I've broken and torn 4 fingernails, I've cut 3 fingers, and my True Value apron now has spots of both blood and mud on it.

The thing that keeps ringing through my mind is "Who does this wrong???" Whenever it is mentioned, every single person who works in our store says, "I do it right, every time." So, the question is, "If everyone does it right every time, who (or what little gremlin) sneaks into my store and puts stickers up wrong?"

Tomorrow my goal is to finish fixing the plumbing section, and move onto Electrical.

When I am finished with the whole store, I'm going to order my "At Home DNA Testing Kit" and I'm going to watch the store like a hawk, and as soon as someone puts one up wrong again, I'm going to find my culprit, and then I'm gathering the villagers with their pitchforks and torches because clearly, everyone should care about this as much as I do, and the sticker-maniac must be stopped! So be warned, when I find "Not Me," butt-kickings will commence!!!

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  1. AAAhahahaha I love it! When I worked at Big 5 I despised how the racket covers were arranged..they went up so high on a wall I couldnt even reach them when on a ladder. Urgh..and not only that..they were more or less just up there..haphazardly. So when a customer got a racket id have to go hunt down the cover for them and would return hot, sweaty, and crabby..and i'd usually have the wrong cover. So I set a day talked with my head manager (I was a manager as well) and re-set the entire wall. Still super high but everything was sooo much easier to find!!!! But as days know 'not me' messed it up and things went bad again..I was glad when I quit working there! :)