Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 28: What's in my purse...

As you can tell from my worst habit, I've been procrastinating for the last couple of days and haven't felt like writing anything.

My purse is downstairs and I am upstairs, so I'm not going to actually do a physical inventory, but I can probably rattle off quite a list of things that are in there.

Let's see... I of course have my wallet in there, and two checkbooks, and a make-up bag containing various mascaras and lipsticks and glosses. Also in that bag is a mint tin filled with ibuprofen, both over the counter and prescription, Excedrin, Tylenol, and probably a muscle relaxer or two. There is also the little blue pharmacy bottle of Toprol that I carry with me at all times in case my heart starts doing its funky little flip-flop thing that it does sometimes. There is a little ziploc baggie containing some coins that I've collected over the years. That is in there because I raided it for my State Quarters when I decided that I cared more about getting some Mike & Ikes from the machine in my store than continuing a coin collection. My extra key ring is usually rattling around in there, as well as a hairbrush, and my palm pilot. Right now I have the invitation to my friends Luke & Kristin's wedding, and a church bulletin, and a couple of other random papers stuffed in there.

I'm sure that I'm leaving some stuff out because I usually have all kinds of stuff in there. My purse can sometimes resemble Mary Poppins' carpet bag. I can reach in there and pull out all sorts of unexpected things.

And my purse is NOTHING compared to my knitting bag. I won't even begin to get into what all I carry around in there!!

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