Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 26: My Week (In Great Detail.)

Ok, so I my week all typed out, and it was so boring, I had to erase it all. Really, does anyone want to know about my week in great detail? And if so, why?

In a nutshell my week went sleep, cough, take temperature, blow my nose. Sleep, cough, take temperature, blow nose... Watch some TV, sleep, cough, take temperature, blow nose. That was the first several days. I ate occasionally, and even showered a few times.

I went to the doctor twice, took Matt to the dentist, and worked for a couple of days. I went to church and then went to work after that. Today I took Matt in for Lasik eye surgery, and then came home and battled my dirty house. I think that the DDD snuck back into my house and launched another full scale attack on me.

I was so tired, and all I wanted was to come home and take a nap but I got home and I couldn't avoid the mess. So I realized that turning the power of my crankiness towards my dirty house really gave me an almost manic energy to clean.

I swept, and really, not to sound too much like a Swiffer commercial, I've discovered that my broom really doesn't do a good job. Then I used my little Swiffer vacuum, and picked up all the stuff that my broom missed. Then I mopped. Then I vacuumed my pantry, my TV room, and my couch. Then I took apart the vacuum and cleaned it. I washed the filters and the canisters and currently have them air drying in my laundry room.

But the worst part of my house cleaning experience is "The Smell." I have a bad smell in my sink and I am completely bewildered by it. I've cleaned the sink, I've scrubbed the sink stopper, I scrubbed out the garbage disposal. Each time I finish something, I think I've gotten rid of it, and then I go back a few minutes later and it's back. I took the trap apart. I rinsed and scrubbed the pipes and trap and sprayed them down with Clorox Clean-Up Spray and put them back together. Each step of the way I checked to see if I'd located the location of The Smell, and each time I was disappointed.

I poured straight bleach down both sides of the drain and let it sit for several minutes. Then I ran hot water down and waited a few minutes and sniffed again. I think I may have beaten it, but I'm still totally perplexed by this because it makes no sense. I've narrowed it down and the only possibility I can come up with is sewer gas coming out of the trap, and since the trap hasn't been allowed to dry out, there should be no possible way for sewer gas to come out of the trap.
I'm going to go check it again in a few minutes, and if The Smell has returned, then I think that the only recourse I'll have left is to call a priest and have him perform an exorcism on my sink drain.

Aren't you all glad you read about my week in great detail now? Nose blowing and sewer gas... what an exciting week!

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  1. Steph,

    Hope you feel better soon! That sounds a lot like my week, including the smelly kitchen! The bleach down the drain has always worked for me.