Friday, April 25, 2014

You can take the blond out of your hair... but you can't take the blond out of the girl

Let me begin by saying that I haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep lately.  Andrew has been waking up at night, or staying up late... the point being that I am tired and don't have much brain power...

So today I was continuing in my quest to track down these little motors for our paint dispenser.  They are, as far as I can tell, impossible to find in the United States.  I have been googling them and searching all over.  I decided to try Ebay.  Now, I also must give the disclaimer that I don't really go on Ebay much... So I get to Ebay's website and as I'm looking for the search bar, I see a heading that says "Motors," and I went, "Perfect!!" and clicked on that. I was more puzzled than I should have been when the screen filled with cars.  It took me a full minute to put that one together in my head.  "Oh yeah, motors refers to automobiles..." 

A little while later I was outside in the garden center looking at the vegetable starts we have, and trying to decide what to plant in my garden this year.  As I was glancing around I see a tag in one of the plants that said, "Red Raisin." I looked at that and thought to myself, "That's dumb... you don't grow raisins. You grow grapes and they are turned into raisins!" Then I looked a little closer at the tag and realized it was actually a type of kale called "Red Russian."  Yeah, I felt really really smart today!

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