Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh No No No, Not the Yogurt!!!

To explain that title, I have to tell you about a song that was well known and loved by all the children who went through Blaine Elementary School and had Mr. Gray for their music teacher.  I have no idea what the song is called, but it went like this:

Amma Lama Kuma Lama, Kuma La Pizza
Amma Lama Kuma Lama, Kuma La Pizza
Oh no no no NOT the pizza
Oh no no no NOT the pizza
Aynie Maynie Dixie Paynie Ooh Ah Thumbelina
Otchie Cotchie Lemon Rotchie XYZ…

The other thing that you need to know is that several days before I ended up in the hospital, Matt was diagnosed by symptoms, not a culture, with Whooping Cough and neither of us had gotten the vaccine yet.  He was put on the Z Pack antibiotics and I was put on a 2 week twice a day course of horse pill sized antibiotics.

I ended up in the hospital on a clear liquid diet for the first 36 hours.  When the threat of surgery was lifted and they said I could have food again, I was ecstatic!  We decided that starting with soft foods was a good idea because I was still so tired from the medicines that I wasn't sure how well chewing and swallowing would work, let alone trying to manage a fork! The nurse asked me if I liked yogurt.  I said yes I do.  (In fact, I'd just bought myself some a couple days before.)  She said she'd put in a request for it.  She told me that when a request is put in, I'd probably get it with every meal, but if I didn't want to eat it then, I could put it in my fridge and take it home with me when I left.

My first real meal arrived, turkey in gravy, carrots, and squash (all diced) and some soup and a container of vanilla Greek yogurt.  I ate everything but the soup, wasn't feeling the cream of celery, and then had the yogurt as a dessert.  That night when dinner came, again everything diced, I ate it all, saving my raspberry yogurt for later.  Since dinner came at 4:15 in the afternoon and bedtime was closer to midnight, I knew I'd be hungry later.  When Matt got there after work, he brought his dinner in the room and I had my yogurt as a snack.

The next morning breakfast arrived and on my tray with my eggs and toast and fruit was a container of Yami peach yogurt.  I ate my whole breakfast including the yogurt.  Lunch came and on the tray was a container of Yami peach yogurt.  I saved that one for later, eating it between lunch and dinner.  Dinner arrived that night and Matt was there with me when it came in and on the tray was a container of Yami peach yogurt.  I put it in the fridge to save for later.  I think I must have eaten that one later that night too, not out of a strong desire for peach yogurt, but just because I was so hungry.

Tuesday morning arrived and my breakfast tray came, and on the tray was, you guessed it, a Yami peach yogurt.  I knew that I just couldn't do it 4 times in a row, so I ate the rest of my breakfast and put the yogurt in the fridge.  Lunch came, and I was already so excited about the fact that I got to go home after lunch that I didn't care what was on my tray.  I got macaroni and cheese and green beans, and yep, a Yami peach yogurt.  Five meals in a row, same exact yogurt.  I put it in the fridge and planned to bring the last two home with me.

The previous night, my nurse had told Matt and I that I would need to do a round of probiotics or eat yogurt when I got home because of all the antibiotics I'd been given.  I'd had 48 hours of penicillin in addition to my regular course of antibiotics.

Matt took her words to heart and proceeded to make me eat yogurt with each meal.  Thankfully he mixed it up a little and brought me flavors other than peach.  The night after we got home, his parents came over and his mom made dinner for us.  When I finished my dinner Matt told me that he'd let me wait a little while before he brought me my dessert.  I asked what it was, thinking his mom had made something.  He said, "It's a surprise."  I said, "It's not peach yogurt, is it?"  He said, "It's not peach…"

My dessert was a Greek yogurt parfait with granola.

Over the last few days, he has been regularly bringing me yogurt and making sure I eat it.  On Sunday when I went to my parents' house my mom went to the store to get yogurt because she didn't have any. I texted Matt a picture of the empty yogurt container to prove that I was eating my yogurt.

Well, I have to go now… my dessert of, you guessed it, YOGURT just arrived and I need to eat it.

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