Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ok, seriously???

Thursday was my day off and I decided to have a low-key (aka lazy-butt) day. I was happily camped out on my couch all morning while the hubby slept, and at one point as I was reaching for something, maybe pushing my hair out of my eyes, I jabbed my right thumb directly into my open right eye.

I started blinking rapidly and my eye began watering and I started muttering things. I couldn't believe I had just done that, and I still honestly have no clue how it actually happened, but of course it did, because I am just that clumsy.

As the day went on my eye continued to water, and hurt. Occasionally it would start twitching, and then it would ache again. I felt like a complete moron.

Friday morning I got up and got ready for work, and thought nothing of my eye. It was still a little sore, but I figured it would get better. It didn't. In fact it started aching again, and watering again. Finally I decided I'd better call the doctor and make sure that I didn't actually do any damage.

I called the dr's office and was able to get an appointment a couple hours later, and thankfully Chris was able to contain her laughter at my stupidity until she hung up the phone. I arrived at the dr's office and was ushered into the dreaded Clown Room. Nothing good ever comes of having to be in the Clown Room. I was pleasantly surprised that my blood pressure was still nice and low, I figured it was going to spike because of my presence in that room. My doctor came in and I took out my right contact and she tested my eye to make sure it wasn't scratched. There was no scratch or abrasion apparent to her, but she said the eyeball heals very quickly and I may have in fact scratched it on Thursday. Now we cut to the bad news that ALWAYS comes when I'm in the Clown Room. She told me I couldn't wear my contacts until my eye was better.

She didn't even want me to put my right contact back in my eye for the rest of the day. I said, "Not bloody likely." I explained that with my vision being as poor as it is, it would be like watching a 3D movie without the glasses to only have one contact in, and my glasses were 25 miles away. I promised to take my contacts out immediately upon my arrival at home, and to wear my glasses from that point on until my eye was healed. She said that if it feels better on Sunday I can wear contacts again, and Lord Almighty am I praying that it is better!!!

After about 2 hours this morning, I was ready to drive back home and get my contacts and put them in, and who cared if my eye got worse or not. I HATE wearing my glasses. I have worn contacts for the last 23 years, and happily so. I am rather fond of my peripheral vision, and my glasses that I have are a little too big for my face, plus the added wear and tear (ok, damage) done by years of falling asleep wearing them, they don't stay where they are supposed to, and they drive me bonkers!!

I have a new respect for anyone who wears glasses all the time. I honestly don't know how they do it. So far today I have had to clean my glasses twice, once because my eyelashes hit the lens while the mascara was still wet, and once for fingerprints. They have fogged up, got raindrops all over them, and don't even get me started on how hard it is to put on makeup when you can't freakin' see your face because you don't have your glasses on!!!!! Seriously??? How do people do this?

Dear Lord, please please PLEASE heal my eye so that I may be delivered from these darned glasses!!! Amen!!!

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