Saturday, September 3, 2011

How do it know?

When I was little, my father taught me a joke about the greatest invention in the world. The gist of the joke is a guy trying to discover the greatest invention, and he asks all sorts of people and gets all different answers, and then one day on the street he runs into an old man and asks him, and the old man says, "The greatest invention is the Thermos." The guy is a little baffled by this answer, and says, "A Thermos? Like in my lunchbox?" And the old man replies, "Yes, a thermos. It keep hot things hot, it keep cold things cold. How do it know?"

For most of my life I have used that punchline, "How do it know?" in various situations. The other day I was re-stocking something that had been put away wrong. (GASP!!! Shocker I know) When I was hanging it up I saw something on the back of the package and I stopped for a closer look, and it had the warning about this product being known to the State of California to cause cancer. So, my mind working the way it does, I decided to run with it.

Who manufactures these smart chemicals that only cause cancer in California? How do it know? Does this chemical somehow know that it is California bound, so it morphs into a terrible cancer causing chemical? Why doesn't it cause cancer in any other state? Is it something to do with the air quality in California?

I'd pay good money to find a product that is "Known to cause hiccups in the State of Massachusetts." Or how about "Known to cause excessive knuckle cracking in Kansas?" Why is California so special?

Just wondering... How do it know?

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