Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm not crazy... I'm "detail oriented."

Ok, so as you might recall I just finished my store wide sticker correction project. As I walked around doing my order today, I found several stickers that had been put up wrong, some of them since Operation Sticker had been completed, and some that I had missed in the course of my Search and Re-adjust mission. I started getting a little cranky about it, and thinking that I've got to learn to let it go. I've discovered that there are many things that I should probably just let go of, but it's not that easy.

So one of my many little issues is how the lid goes on a paper coffee cup. I'm sure to most people, this is not an issue. As long as the lid is firmly fastened on the cup, it's all good, right? WRONG!! For some unknown reason, I have to have the drink hole in lid of the cup directly opposite the seam in the cup. The seam should always be in the back, and so to me the "front" of the lid should be opposite that. I have been known to get my coffee, put it in the cup holder, and then remove the lid, put it on "right" and re-affix it, and then drive away. Thankfully at my favorite coffee shop, the girl who manages it knows me, and how, um, "detail oriented" I am, and I've seen her take my coffee from the other girl, fix the lid, and then hand it to me. She's my favorite.

I run into problems with Starbucks cups, and it actually keeps me from going there very often. Because even though the drink hole should be exactly opposite the seam, it should also be lined up with the logo on the cup. And those jerks at Starbucks had the gall to put their logo 1/4 of the way around the cup from the seam. So then I'm in a total quandary, do I line the lid up with the logo, or opposite the seam? And the cardboard cup sleeve doesn't fully cover the logo, so I can't even trick myself by covering the logo. (Yes, I have tried.)

The other morning, I got a coffee on my way in, and the girl put the lid on "wrong" and I really tried to leave it. I even managed to take 2 sips of it before I had to fix it at the next stop sign...

At this point I am reminded of the movie "What About Bob?" Those 2 little sips with the lid on wrong were my first baby steps towards paper cup-related mental health. Maybe I'll just get myself one of those reusable cups that looks like a paper cup with a built in cup-sleeve because then there is no logo or seam to worry about... I can't even imagine what it would be like to just be able to sip my coffee without having to check the lid placement first. I imagine it would be heavenly!

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