Thursday, April 7, 2011

I know why I'm not in advertising...

I watch a lot of TV. I think we've already established that. I'm so thankful for our DVR because I hate commercials. I think that most of them are a waste of time. And some of them are downright awkward and sometimes offensive.

I do like a few commercials out there. Some of the Geico commercials are highly entertaining to me. Not the caveman ones, if I never see another one of those I'll be a happy camper. I don't think those are even the slightest bit amusing. But the woodchuck one, the Abraham Lincoln one, and the dogs chasing cats one are freakin' hilarious.

I saw a Kraft Macaroni & Cheese commercial that I actually found offensive. It seems very strange that a commercial for mac & cheese would offend me, but it was one for their new Homestyle Mac & Cheese, and it's a boy probably around 10 or so, and he's talking about how his dad forgot to tell his mom that the boss was coming to their house for dinner, but thankfully Mom had some of that new mac & cheese. But the kid says, "Dad really screwed this one up." I don't see any need for a kid that young to say that. I remember getting in trouble when I was 12 or 13 for saying "screwed," and now we're just supposed to accept it being said by a young child for the purpose of advertising macaroni???

Ok, now for the commercials that really bug me. I've never even watched the whole thing because I always start fast-forwarding when they come on, or if it's live TV I change the channel. The commercials are I think for Pampers' Pull-ups and they are those obnoxious "Potty Dance" commercials. I HATE that song!!!!! And really, what parent in their right mind who has a child of potty-training age encourages said child to jump around and dance when the kid says they have to go? I remember when both of my nephews were potty-training, when they said "I've gotta go" you drop everything and get them to the bathroom. You don't keep them from the bathroom and instead make them wiggle around. I'm a little unclear as to how that would help accomplish anything except Pampers selling more Pull-ups because a lot of kids will be peeing their pants from doing the Potty Dance instead of just going to the freakin' bathroom.

What advertising genius came up with this? I realize that they have probably accomplished their goal because clearly the ad sticks with people, but in my case, and for several other people I know, it sticks with us for all the wrong reasons. It doesn't make me want to buy their product (not that I have a need for it) it makes me want to blow up their offices so I never have to hear it again!

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