Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 23: A YouTube video

I must admit that I'm falling behind on these because the topics are getting a little more vague and uninteresting to me. Also because I've been sick in bed with a fever for 2 days.

I really don't spend any time on YouTube. Usually the only way I'll ever see a youtube video is when someone sends me one. So I tried to come up with one that had entertained me. Which may not have been a good idea, because even though "They" say that laughter is the best medicine, clearly "They" haven't laughed much when sick. I started laughing at this video, and in turn the laughter made me cough, (and cough, and cough,) which subsequently made the top of my head feel like it was going to blow off. So I don't really think that "They" know what "They're" talking about.

But I digress... anyway... here is my youtube video. You'll have to copy and paste the link because I'm not technically gifted enough to make it show up in here as a real click on it and off you go link:

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