Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 22: A Website

I took a few days off from the 30 Day Blogging Challenge because I was in Las Vegas for a rental market and frankly I didn't have time to blog.

I did see plenty of signs and advertisements for LOTS of websites there, but none that I would ever visit, so rest assured we won't be talking about that kind of a website.

So let's see... a website... that's not vague at all is it?

I think that if I had to narrow down my favorite websites I'd have to say that obviously Facebook is in the top 5. I spend way too much time on there, and that's sad because there's not really that much to do on there when it's not my turn in any of my Scrabble games.

I really really like because I am always looking for ideas for dinner, and I find some wonderful gems on there. I even found my homemade twinkie recipe on that site. I've found some great dinner recipes that even my, shall we say, choosy husband will eat and enjoy.

I think that my other favorite website is because of the treasure trove of information it contains. I check the jail roster, press release, booking information, and releases quite often. I look to see if people I know are in there. I often see high school classmates, customers of mine, and names I recall as being frequent flyers when I worked for the police department.

I regularly peruse those lists, especially if someone rents something from me and doesn't return it right away. I check to see if they are a guest of Whatcom County perhaps that is why they haven't returned my property.

I also check the obituaries, most often for the same reasons. Or I check to see if any of our regular customers have passed away, and then we will send a card. I try to limit my time spent on the Herald's website to just looking at obits because their shoddy lopsided reporting usually makes me crazy-angry, and then the idiotic commenters incite a homicidal rage in me. Actually the Herald's reporting has been known to do that to. One night I was angry enough that if I had any knowledge of incendiary devices, that building probably wouldn't be standing today, and my blog-posts would be limited to whatever time I got on the internet at Leavenworth.

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