Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 19: A Talent of mine

This one is a little awkward. Here, let me brag about myself and how amazing and awesome I am!

There are many talents I wish I had. As we have already covered, I am not artistic. I wish I could sew, or play a musical instrument. I wish I was a better knitter. I can manage scarves, hats, and basic baby blankets, but beyond that... not so great.

I can sing. And not to toot my own horn, since we have already established that I do not play a musical instrument, but I can sing fairly well. It is something I have always enjoyed, and I've been in musicals and choirs for many years. Now the only singing I do is in church, and in the car. And at work when I don't even realize that I'm doing it. And at home when I'm making dinner, or cleaning house. But I don't really sing in public, I haven't been in a play or a choir for a long time.

I don't really have any extraordinary talents. Or any unusual ones that hardly anyone else has. I think the most unusual talent that I have is my ability to make fussy babies fall asleep. It is something that I have always been able to do. I think it is due to my stubborn refusal to be defeated by a baby. I keep at it until I win.

I can also burp almost any baby, even the ones that steadfastly refuse to burp for their poor beleaguered parents. The downside to this one is that I get puked on by lots of babies. Guess its a good thing that another one of my talents is getting stains out of laundry.

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