Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 15: My Dream House

This may come as a shock to y'all but I'm coming up empty on this one. Try as I might, I cannot come up with a dream house.

Growing up, I always loved our home. I was never jealous of my friend's houses because I thought mine was pretty fantastic.

When Matt and I were looking at houses, we looked at a brand new house that was just finished. It was beautiful, and we were all set to put make an offer on it. We were waiting until after the weekend to put in the offer, and during that time Matt and I were both struggling with that decision on our own. He was praying and asked God for a NOT subtle sign because he couldn't deal with subtle at that point.

While on patrol that night, he saw a "For Sale by Owner" sign that hadn't been up the night before. He picked up a flier and brought it home and asked me to call the people and make an appointment to go see it. When I called and made the appointment, the man recognized my last name, which was a little strange for me. Then when he asked how we found out about it, I said that my husband had seen the sign while on patrol. He got very excited when he realized that my husband was "Officer Munden." When I told Matt about this conversation, he told me that the owner of the house was the pastor at the Assembly of God Church. That's the same church that Matt caught a guy breaking into and trying to burn down. This man, and his whole church, thought of Matt as their hero. Definitely not subtle.

We went and saw it the next night, and the moment we walked in, we both knew that this was the house for us.

It needed work, mostly paint, to make it perfect for us, but we knew right away that this was the one.

Even though I know that there are nicer, fancier, bigger homes out there, I don't long for one. I am so happy with my home that I don't want anything else.

So sorry to let you all down, but I cannot write about a dream house because I don't have one.

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