Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh For Crying Out Loud!!!

All my life I have used phrases like, "For crying out loud," "for crying in a bucket," "for crying in the night," and so on.

A few weeks ago, during a particularly frustrating moment (that may or may not have been related to the belly-button fiasco) I found myself loudly exclaiming, "For crying in the NIGHT!!"

Then, with my mind working the way it does, I started wondering, "Why on earth do I use that phrase? What does it even mean?" And just like that a shiny new train of thought pulled into the station, I climbed aboard and we were off!!

As we whizzed past the "Rat's A**" station from several posts ago, my mind started taking in the scenery of all the odd sayings that I have used and that I've heard used, and the ones that people use incorrectly that bother me so greatly.

Now this entire journey lasted only about a minute, and I am the only passenger on this particular train that could possibly register all the stops we flew past, so I thought I would try to point them out for the other sight-seers who aren't capable of processing my thought process (i.e. everyone else in the world.)

I have heard and used "For crying in the night" all my life. It is generally accepted as an exclamation of frustration, but really, why is it used? Is it something that is a punishable offense? It sounds like it should be, "For crying in the night... you are sentenced to blah-blah-blah."

I remember watching an old Hayley Mills movie, I believe it was "The Moon-Spinners" and there was a kid in that movie who always said, "For crying in a bucket!" And I have found myself saying that from time to time. Of course now I had to stop and really examine it. Does anyone actually ever cry so hard, or produce enough tears that it would necessitate a bucket?

Then I saw the station labeled "I could care less." This is one that aggravates me. If I said to someone "I could care less," that would imply that there was a level of caring involved so it is possible to care less about that person/place/or thing. When people say, "I could care less" it is meant to be a biting remark, implying that they really couldn't care less. So why don't they just say it correctly???

Next I saw "Irregardless" go past my window and that one is another point of contention with me. It is not like "Flammable/Inflammable" which virtually mean the same thing. Regardless means without regard. Irregardless is a double negative which would mean that it is with regard. It's the whole "I could care less" thing all over again.

Now I don't know why these words and phrases bother me so greatly, but they bother me more than when someone uses the completely wrong word, or makes up a new word by combining other words to fit their purpose.

I know that, in the immortal words of the the unnamed rescuer in Top Gun, I've "Got to let go," and I'm working on it. I really am, but for the time being, sadly I really could care less.


  1. For crying in the night that was a great post!!!

  2. Amen for the gramatically correct!! ;)