Friday, October 8, 2010

Long time, no post...

So I realized last night that I didn't post anything in September... well I've been making notes in a big notebook that I packed with me on vacation, and now I'm ready to start blogging again... I'm sure that I will soon be inundating you with vacation stories and whatnot, but here's one that made me giggle on my last day of vacation...

So all over Epcot, the trash cans were labelled just like that. "Waste Please." The thought popped into my head, as thoughts so often do, "Aren't we supposed to reduce, reuse, and recycle? Why is this trash can asking me to Waste?" I thought that it was very wrong of this trash can to ask me to waste, however politely it asked. However, never one to resist peer pressure, I stopped eating my breakfast and obediently threw half of it away.
Ok, so the breakfast panini wasn't as good as it looked, and I was kind of glad to be rid of it, but still... I felt that the amount of control this trash can was exerting over me was scary!

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