Sunday, August 1, 2010

We need a sedative and a giant net on aisle 7 please...

Last night I decided that I wanted to try a new recipe for dinner and I needed a couple of items to be able to make my Waikiki Meatballs. (SUPER YUMMY by the by) While I was at Safeway I remembered that I needed some more Instant Vanilla pudding mix so that I could make more Twinkies.

I wandered around the store collecting this and that, and I arrived at the pudding mixes and began my search for Instant Vanilla pudding mix. I immediately found the small boxes of instant vanilla, and began looking for the bigger boxes that I needed. I was stumped because all I could find was big boxes of Cook-N-Serve... (As I'm typing this I realize that this is the most ridiculous blog ever, and I apologize to anyone who is actually reading this, but it gets better, well... crazier) and so I kept searching for my instant pudding. I found the big boxes of instant chocolate, but then right next to it was Cook-N-Serve Chocolate and then Cook-N-Serve Vanilla. At this point, I realized that I was not seeing double, but that the Cook-N-Serve Vanilla was in two spots on the shelf. I, being the neurotic person that I am, start checking the shelf tags to see where the Instant Vanilla is supposed to be located. I find the correct tag, and start removing box after box of Cook-N-Serve and finally located some Instant behind it. At first, I was putting the Cook-N-Serve where it actually belonged, but the shelf was pretty full. So then I started putting them in my cart, so that I could go find someone who works there and explain what happened.

As if this wasn't crazy enough, I turned my attention to the chocolate pudding, found the same problem, so of course I pulled all the wrong puddings from that spot too. Then I faced the shelves for them so that anyone looking for the instant pudding (Wow! I'm turning into Binocular Lady, I'm sure that anyone who is still reading this is thinking "Say Instant Pudding ONE MORE TIME!!!") and I set off with my cart ridiculously full of Cook-N-Serve Puddings and my measly 3 boxes of Instant Pudding that I needed. I went in search of a Safeway employee that I could give them the boxes and finish my shopping. I found a guy with a Telxon in his hand (The electronic thingy that scans the barcodes on the shelf tags, and is used for ordering and inventory) and I went up to him and saw that his name tag said "Supervisor." I said, "You look like someone who can help me." I explained about the puddings, and how I was going to get a basket to put them in because I didn't actually want them, but I didn't want another customer to not find what they were looking for. He looked at me like I had 3 heads. I went and got a basket and transferred all the unwanted boxes of pudding into it so that I could give them to Mr. Supervisor.

Apparently he spooks easily, and he disappeared, so instead I had to tell my story to yet another person, the nice little girl at the checkout. I handed her the basket of pudding, and had to begin with, "Ok, I'm not totally insane..." (Because I'm sure that was reassuring to her.) I explained what was going on, and then told her that I am the inventory manager at my store, and that's what I do, and so I wanted to help them avoid frustration and confusion. She was very nice and thanked me, and after discovering that we know some of the same people, I got my receipt and left. I ran into Mr. Supervisor (who isn't very good at hiding) and told him that the nice checker had the basket of pudding, and then explained again that because of what I do at work, that's why I had fixed the pudding for them.

I left there thinking, "Well that's just fantastic, now I have to find a new grocery store, and I really like Safeway."

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  1. hahahaha..I abhor happens to me frequently at Safeway..whoever is stocking is lame!!!! And I hate it when I have to move half of a shelf to find my item hiding somewhere in the back! Having done grocery I know whats going on and what should be what. Too bad mr. stocking supervisor was so lame..he should have been apologetic that you actually had to work in order to get what you needed. They should have paid you!