Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things that make me go GRRRRRRR!!!!

These are a few things that have happened in the last couple of days that make me shake my head in wonder...

First of all, why would a man go into a public place and use their restroom and not close the door? I don't care if he's standing up, and his back is to the door... CLOSE THE DOOR!!! Occasionally we have to remind Mason to close the door, but he's 4 years old. By the time you are in your mid-sixties, maybe older than that, you should have learned to close the restroom door because the rest of the world doesn't want to share that moment with you.

So I left work, still fairly disgusted by the guy that didn't close the bathroom door, and was on my way to get my pizzas from Papa Murphy's (Relay for Life Fundraiser) and I pulled into the parking lot by the grocery store and a car pulled out, from a stop sign, in front of me (I'd like to note that I did not have a stop sign, and had the right of way) and proceeded to crawl along in front of the grocery store and then come to a stop. I realized that the car contained an elderly couple who had a handi-cap parking permit hanging from their rear-view. The woman then stops in the fire lane to let her husband out. I patiently waited behind her while he slowly made his way out of the car. The car behind me went around us and turned down a parking lane. Then another car came along, passed me, and almost caused a slow-speed head on collision with a car traveling legally in their own lane trying to exit the parking lot. Still waiting patiently, ok, trying to wait patiently, I sat there. Finally the woman starts to move her car forward again, and I was once again happily en route to my pizzas. The lady stops again about 30' further down the fire lane. This time I decided that I was done being patient, so I drove around her, giving her the angry "WHAT THE HECK???" raised shoulders and glare. Did she think that her parking permit gave her permission to park in a fire lane? I'm reasonably certain that the only vehicles allowed to park in a fire lane are the big red ones with the flashy lights.

Now I must digress a bit, this didn't happen last night, but it happens quite often and it always makes me cranky. This is where my road-rage kicks in, and it all goes back to 4-Way stop signs. Honestly? How hard are they to use? I don't understand why people have such a hard time with them? It makes me really cranky when I'm waiting my turn, and when I'm about to go, someone pulls up to the intersection, and then wave to me like, "Oh, why don't you go ahead?" Really? You're letting me have MY right of way? REALLY? Why, thank you!!! That's SO nice of you.

Ok, back on track... I got my pizzas and made my way home, making a couple of stops along the way. Each time I got back into the car I thought about how wonderful it would be if someone made a car freshener that smelled like Papa Murphy's pizza. I got home, baked and ate some pizza, and played some Nancy Drew. I was much calmer and thought that perhaps my rant about things that make me cranky could wait until another time.

I got up this morning and headed for work. I made a stop at my new favorite coffee place (Coffee Girls in Nooksack - awesome!!) and pulled up to the window and told the girl, "I'd like a 16 oz non-fat coconut latte please." Then I handed her my punchcard and said, "I'd like to use my free one today please." She takes my card and says, "Oh, you have a free one." (Let's review the transcript. Didn't I just say that?) Then she says, "What kind of milk did you want?" I repeated, "Non-fat." She says, "Ok." Then she says, "What flavor did you want, again?" Seriously??? If you have a job that requires making custom orders for someone, perhaps you should listen when they give you their order? Just a thought... I got my coffee and headed for work and decided not to let Slow Witted Coffee Girl bother me.

At this point I need to interject that I had REALLY weird dreams last night messed with my mind. Ok, back to the story...

I walk into work and put my keys and purse away, and head to my dad's desk to drop some stuff off, and Ted greets me with, "Why are you here today?" At this point I'm truly puzzled. I asked him, "Isn't it Wednesday?" We both pondered for a second and determined that it was in fact Wednesday, and I was supposed to be there. I headed back to my desk where I encountered a guy we're going to simply refer to as Numbnuts. I know his name, but I think that Numbnuts suits him better. This guy comes into my store from time to time to rent stuff, usually carpet cleaners. He's always complaining about my equipment, and acts like he's doing me some huge favor by renting from me.

This is the conversation that we had this morning:

Numbnuts: Have either of these machines (gesturing to my carpet shampooers) been refurbished, or cleaned, lately?

Me: (Frostily) They get cleaned every time they are returned

Numbnuts: Oh, really? The filters too?

Me: (Not thawing at all) Yes

Numbnuts: Oh, this one actually looks pretty good. Sometimes they just don't seem to clean as well as other times. But I know that they are older machines. Which one is better?

Me: They are exactly the same (Now mentally envisioning strangling him with his long scraggly hair.)

Numbnuts: Ok, well I'll take this one.

Me: (Silently) Well, Bully for you Jackass. (And then aloud) Ok, sounds good.

Really, why is it necessary for him to criticize my equipment? If he really thinks that it's that terrible, then why doesn't he take his nappy hair and drive himself to another rental place and criticize their stuff?

I really really want to smack that guy.

I think that's all that was really bugging me for the time being.

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